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a 500 year old example of passion for the Gospel

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2009 marks the 500th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth.  John Calvin is know to most for being a Calvinist.  He was the first Calvinist :).


BUT, God gave Calvin a passion to spread the Gospel.  Through his leadership and the devotion of others around him they sent missionaries all around Europe to places such as Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Germany, England and Scotland.  We also know of missionaries sent out from Geneva, Calvin’s home city, to an ocean and continent away – Brazil.  It is heart warming and challenging to read of John Calvin’s zeal for the spread of the Gospel so many centuries ago.  With all the conveniences of communication, printing, internet and transportation the task of spreading the Gospel far and wide has never been easier. 


Of course, there is always that person who works next to you and I at the office or the neighbor down the street that needs to hear of the blessings of the blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ.  May we go here and there telling the news with a passion like that of John Calvin.


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