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Favorite Books for strengthening your Christian walk


We had another good question in our Sunday School class a couple weeks ago: “What books have helped you in your spiritual walk?”  Kristina and I had fun updating our lists of favorite reads.  We do read secular books, but we always value most The Word of God and Christian books that point to God. 

Here are our lists of books that have helped us in our Christian walk.  (you’ll notice that the Shack isn’t here.  there’s a good reason for that.  in a future post you’ll hear the quesion: what went wrong in the Shack?)  Our lists change over the years as we find new gems.  We have decided in this post to limit the list to easy-reads (there are some weighty books that every Christian should read – more on that later).   Our lists show basic books that have advanced our understanding of who God is, the power of Truth, the wonder of the Gospel and the necessary choices we must make if we are to live in devotion to Christ. 

Needless to say The Bible is for us is not a book that is first among other great books.  It is in a category all its own.  It is Divine Revelation and thus supersedes all other books in the world.  Over the centuries the Church has been blessed by many thinking and spiritual men.  As a result, outside the orb of Divine Revelation, there are many books that can help us learn and enjoy the truths found in God’s Word.   Our best advice, we believe, is that we should make the most of God’s Word in our lives and then chose other books, DVDs or favorites of whatever kind which will draw us into the God’s words. 


What books have helped you in your Christian walk?


my Top 20 easy reads for Christian growth

  1. Strong’s Concordance – James Strong (most used, also online)
  2. Nave’s Topical Bible (topically arranged references, also online)
  3. Pilgrim’s Progress in Modern English – John Bunyan*
  4. Knowledge of the Holy – A. W. Tozer (free online)
  5. The Prodigal God Timothy Keller*
  6. The Holiness of God – R. C. Sproul
  7. Knowing God – J. I. Packer
  8. How to Pray – W. Graham Scroggie
  9. Disciplines of a Godly Man – R. Kent Hughes
  10. The Names of God – Andrew Jukes
  11. Through Gates of Splendor – Elizabeth Eliot*
  12. Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret – Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
  13. Peace Child – Don Richardson*
  14. Confessions – St. Augustine (free online)
  15. If  – Amy Carmichael*
  16. Mere Christianity – C. S. Lewis
  17. The Westminster Catechism (free online)
  18. God’s Promises – Stewart Custer
  19. Secrets of the Vine – Bruce Wilkinson
  20. The Pursuit of God – A. W. Tozer (free online)


some of Kristi’s Favorites

The Golden Alphabet – C. H. Spurgeon

Treasury of David – C. H. Spurgeon

Morning by Morning – C. H. Spurgeon

Abide in Christ – Andrew Murray*

Shepherding a Child’s Heart – Ted Tripp*

A Woman of Prayer – Betty Henderson

Knowing God – J. I. Packer

The Disciplined Life – Richard Taylor

The Excellent Wife – Martha Peace

Finding Your Purpose as a Mom – Donna Otto


In a future post I’ll share a longer list of must reads for every Christian in addition to the Holy Scripture.  We hope our lists encourage you to learn more about God, the Gospel and the Word.  If you have a question about a book let us know.     

* these books have a special focus on the Gospel, the core of our Christian faith.  For a list of Christian classics see http://www.ccel.org/index/classics.html



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2 thoughts on “Favorite Books for strengthening your Christian walk

  1. Thanks Mark and Kristy.
    Good books to consider. Nice work on the blog.

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