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The Gospel – what is it?

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What is the Gospel?

This may seem like a simple question to answer, especially if you have been a Christian for a while, BUT you’d be surprised how many people can’t express the Gospel in clear terms.  The NT Scriptures are very clear what the Gospel is.  Why do we make it something more than it is?  Why do we ignore the plain teachings of Scripture on the “good news” of salvation?

The dilutions of the Gospel that people still called “gospel” are all some variation of the “heaven is a place on earth” myth.  These diversions of the true Gospel show themselves in common strains like “the prosperity gospel” or “the social gospel” or “the global community of faith gospel” or “the just say this prayer and you’ll be saved gospel.” 

Although not Scripturally prescribed the Good-O-Meter gives some food for thought on this topic.

So again, it is worth asking ourselves, “What is the Gospel?”

(check out I Corinthians 15:1-22 for one example of it in the Scripture)


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