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God’s sovereignty over singleness and a bunch of other things…


On the subject of singleness these words from Spurgeon are very helpful to remind us that all things are by God’s sovereign design, for our good and for His glory.  Hope this encourages you as it has me.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

This Morning’s Meditation by C. H. Spurgeon

“Who worketh all things after the counsel of His own will.”—Ephesians 1:11.

Belief in God’s wisdom supposes and necessitates that He has a settled purpose and plan in the work of salvation. What would creation have been without His design? Is there a fish in the sea, or a fowl in the air, which was left to chance for its formation? Nay, in every bone, joint, and muscle, sinew, gland, and blood-vessel, you mark the presence of a God working everything according to the design of infinite wisdom. And shall God be present in creation, ruling over all, and not in grace? Shall the new creation have the fickle genius of free will to preside over it when divine counsel rules the old creation? Look at Providence! Who knoweth not that not a sparrow falleth to the ground without your Father? Even the hairs of your head are all numbered. God weighs the mountains of our grief in scales, and the hills of our tribulation in balances. And shall there be a God in providence and not in grace? Shall the shell be ordained by wisdom and the kernel be left to blind chance. No; He knows the end from the beginning. He sees in its appointed place, not merely the corner-stone which He has laid in fair colours, in the blood of His dear Son, but He beholds in their ordained position each of the chosen stones taken out of the quarry of nature, and polished by His grace; He sees the whole from corner to cornice, from base to roof, from foundation to pinnacle. He hath in His mind a clear knowledge of every stone which shall be laid in its prepared space, and how vast the edifice shall be, and when the top-stone shall be brought forth with shoutings of “Grace! Grace! unto it.” At the last it shall be clearly seen that in every chosen vessel of mercy, Jehovah did as He willed with His own; and that in every part of the work of grace He accomplished His purpose, and glorified His own name.


3 thoughts on “God’s sovereignty over singleness and a bunch of other things…

  1. OK…I understand God is in control of everything, that He knows the end from the beginning. Does it not also stand to reason that He knows what decisions each of us will make? Could it be that in His divine providence, He allows us to make decisions…He knows which way we should go and which way we will go (difference between His permissive will and revealed will).

    Does belief in His providence lead us to complete inaction and just, in the case of relationships, “waiting for the right one to come along”? In our desire to get married, if we take the road of “waiting” rather than the road of pursuing (or being pursued), do we possibly hinder the work of God?

    OK…so say, God allows me to get the flu or pneumonia or something. I could just sit around and pray that I get better. Granted, God could work a miracle and heal me with no medical attention. However, doesn’t He in some ways expect us to use the medical knowledge He has given us…to seek medications that will make us better?

    Isn’t it the same way with relationships? If you just sit around praying, “Lord, bring someone into my life!” He could do that, but doesn’t He expect us to be out there where we can mix and mingle with people of the opposite sex? Doesn’t He expect guys to take the initiative and invite girls to do stuff with them…in the hopes of maybe getting to a serious relationship in time?

    Just Curious

  2. here is a combine response (Kristi and me):

    We both remember in the decade of the twenties that there is this “grey cloud” of singleness that hangs over a person sometimes. But, we both strongly believed (independently of one another in those single years) that we should make the most of our time, character, ministry, etc. for God. Living up to our individual Christian roles as men and women is more important than trying figure what one can do “to get a man” or “to get a girl.”

    One of the benefits of being married to Kristi is that she has an eagle eye for common sense, esp. in spiritual matters. Just today she shared with me these wonderful words from Spurgeon

    In brief, our thots are two fold (whether single or married)
    1 – live trusting God in all things
    2 – strive to be the best you can be for God

    In God’s time and in His way He brings to pass in our lives what we would surely mess up if we took into our own grasp what He aims to control.

  3. Right, and I fully believe that no matter if a person is single or married, he or she should be striving to do all for God and to serve Him.

    It almost sounds as if once a person gets married, there is no longer a need to get to know God (I know that’s not what you’re saying, but it could be taken that way)

    Also, if singles spend their time waiting for God to drop the right one in their laps, so to speak, it’s probably not going to happen. There has to be some initiative taken to find the right one. (“He who FINDS a wife,” not “He who HAPPENS upon a wife”; “Who can FIND a virtuous woman”)

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