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singleness & the sovereignty of God – part 1

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What an interesting time was the liberation of the Soviet Union in the 90s.  It was exciting to see the oppressive regime of communism come crashing down.  But, in another way it was a disaster.  As if in an instant the Russian people had freedom , but without the conveniences, choices and capital or means to exercise their freedom.   Quite often the more fortunate took advantage of the new freedom, but the less fortunate could only watch.  Many suffered.  Freedom and a bunch of choices go hand in hand.  You could possess freedom, but if you lack a set of things from which to choose, then what good is your freedom?


In the West life has not been so sparse.  Freedom is swirled into our cultural recipe – “go for it man”  or “be all that you can be.”  Once the chocolate, nuts and carmel have been swirled into the turtle tracks ice cream you can’t unswirl it.  The taste of freedom is so yummy and all the choices – more and more.  Now it seems like freedom is not only swirled into our American culture – it is as if it’s in our gentic soup.  From a young age we brandish an air of entitlement, an attitude of bravado, so uncommon in other parts of the world.  But freedom can’t be unswirled out of us.  We love our freedom.  It is sacred to us and who we are.  “Land of the free…”


Last Sunday in our Career Group class we talked about singleness and the Sovereignty of God.  We looked at two examples: one from the life of Jacob and another in the life of Anna from the Gospel of Luke.  During their period singleness both of these people possessed freedom, but with limited choices.  If you ever find yourself in this position – being single, free, free as a bird, yet with limited choices in front of you – it is reflexive that at some point you are going to feel trapped.  Like the free, but poor Russians who could only stand and watch.


This is how Jacob felt (even though he was working very hard day after day and year after year).  His future father-in-law tricked him into working 14 years for the right to marry the girl of his dreams (see Genesis 29).  You see Jacob was free to choose the girl he wanted, but the timing of his choice was taken out of his hands.  Who did this to him?  Was it Laban, his deceptive father-in-law to be (see Genesis 31:41)?  Or was it the allowances of an all-wise Sovereign who knows the beginning from the end (see Genesis 31:42)?  Is it an all wise Sovereign God who is swirling our freedom and choices and opportunities and the timing into our lives according to His kind and gracious foresight? 


In your singleness may you not only learn to trust God more deeply, but may you become more acquainted with God’s person.  Because the more intimately connected with God you are the easier and easier it will be to trust Him.  Don’t we find it easier to trust people know?  Are you treating God like a stranger?  Listen to His written voice.  The more you listen for His voice the more you’ll want to ignore your own.  When we let God’s sovereignty be swirled into our inlook and into our outlook on life…the buffet of choices and freedoms we want…       well, they won’t seem so sacred after all.




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