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Gospel change – how does it happen?

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This past Sunday we talked about the one thief on the Cross who changed.  How did his change come about given the fact that he started out mocking Jesus along with the other criminal and the crowd?

“It is of contemporary relevance that a man who opposed God even to point of overt mocking would change dramatically within the final cadence of his efforts to breathe.  What did he see or hear that melted his stony heart?  Perhaps the other six sayings on the Cross are a clue.  The demeanor, gentle, holy and determined, of the One hanging in the middle was the anvil in motion that crushed his stony heart that is now a soft, fleshy, trusting heart.

If that hardened criminal can be caused to change while his line fades why do I wait to make ‘the change’ while my line is bright and strong?  Oh, that I might hang for just one sacred hour beside the One who died and lives for me.


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