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how can I have a great life? pt 1

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In our Trinity Career Group Sunday Bible class we talked last week about a couple of key ideas to have in mind as we get into the Book of Ecclesiastes.

I have suggested that we need to…


how can a text in Scripture become MEANINGFUL to me?


what are the basics for studying a BOOK of the Bible?



Thots on the first question, “how can a text of Scripture become meaningful to me?”

I mentioned a few weeks ago how I went through a period (a couple of years) when I would open my Bible to read and it felt like I was staring at a stone.  The warmth that I had sensed previously wasn’t there.  What was wrong?


“I am a Christian.  This isn’t supposed to happen to someone who is a child of God.  Am I actually lost?”


The fact that I was having this struggle was a double burden for me since I knew I was a Christian AND I had gone to grad school to learn Scripture.  They taught us the basic skills for interpreting a text of Scripture.  I was teaching Sunday School nearly every week so I had a worthy purpose to be digging into God’s Word.  But, for some reason the Bible didn’t feel real – not as real as I wanted it to be or not as real I had felt it was to others.


So, I prayed to the Author about this problem.  He answered my prayer in a simple way.  I figured the answer to my problem would be something unusual that I hadn’t noticed or something almost “divinely magical.”  Instead, the answer was something simple – just plain simple – lovely, splendid, awesome, but magically simple.


The rest of the story next time


One thought on “how can I have a great life? pt 1

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