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have you thanked God for someone today?


“Thank you Lord for Rosa Parks

“I was arrested on December 1st, 1955 for refusing to stand up on the orders of the bus driver, after the white seats had been occupied in the front. And of course, I was not in the front of the bus as many people have written and spoken that I was — that I got on the bus and took the front seat, but I did not. I took a seat that was just back of where the white people were sitting, in fact, the last seat. A man was next to the window, and I took an aisle seat and there were two women across. We went on undisturbed until…”


4 thoughts on “have you thanked God for someone today?

  1. AMEN. Thank you, Mrs. Parks, for being brave enough to challenge an unjust law in a peaceful manner.

  2. yes, what an example of serene opposition in the midst of an ugly storm.

  3. If a born again person challenges any law, that is not in conflict with Scriptural morality, by breaking that law, is he following the behavior taught by Messiah and the New Testament writers? And is he correct in championing an unbeliever who does?

  4. my 2 sense: I think that any human being is free to work to eliminate the injustice against any other human being.

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