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will the world end 5-21-11?


For some reason this blog keeps getting mucho hits on that question. It must be on people’s mind. But May 21st of 2011 is not the only date suggested for the end of the world. Sometime this Fall is in the queue and then there’s that musty Mayan prediction – December 21, 2012. Did you see the movie about it? Which end date should we work toward? 

Such speculation makes for lively conversation, BUT are we asking the right question?

Maybe the better question to ask is not when the world will end, but…


update (5:59am May 21st, 2011): I’m still here.

update: cleaning up after “Rapture” fail

update: no wonder I missed the Rapture – it was supposed to happen on the West coast and here I sit on the East


2 thoughts on “will the world end 5-21-11?

  1. How should we live now, knowing that regardless of when the world ends, we will not live forever?

  2. yes, I agree. mastering ‘my now’ seems to be one of the great struggles

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