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how should I prepare myself to share the Gospel?

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 my thots on that question:

live with Christ

Fall in love with Christ again (Rev 2:4-5). Read the 4 Gospels over and over. Read the rest of Scripture as the Gospel – the Gospel according to Genesis, according to Exodus, according to Leviticus, etc. Follow the Story of Redemption (both OT & NT) AND see the role Christ has in this Story. Those people who are best prepared to share the Gospel are those who sound like they have spent time with Him. Those who sound like they are making a Gospel sale are probably more loyal to an argument than a Person.

listen for where their burden lies

It’s not enough to say, “You’re a sinner.” Most of us actually think a “sinner” is someone who rides with Hell’s Angles. Yet, the broken (fallen) human condition unveils itself in many, many ways. Sin is really making your own god: pursuing ultimate happiness in my career, my resentments, my bargains with god, my social concerns, my possessions, controlling my fears, my bias, my faves, my impulses, my relationships, my religion, my Self-justifications, my good life. What is the inner reason they are estranged from God the Father? We need to be good listeners.   http://www.iamsecond.com/

pray for those who need Christ

If I have no one to share the Gospel with, then I can pray that God will lead me into an opportunity. If I know a person who needs Christ I’ll pray for them often. This is just as important as knowing what the Gospel is. Do I pray daily for someone?

learn the 5 Core Parts of the Gospel

Even among Christians the Gospel is misunderstood, over-simplified or reduced to KJVisms. Study I Cor 15 to deepen your joy in…

The Cross(3)  the tomb(4)  Grace(10)  Faith(11)  New Life(20)

Learn how significant substitution is to the Gospel. Then, feel the freedom of expressing that in the language of our day. A good example:

What is the Gospel? Dare 2 Share video

mingle often with those who need Christ

Ripe fruit may fall from a tree, but you must go the orchard to catch it.


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