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what is your biggest ‘faith walk’ mistake?

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‘Probably the BIGGEST MISTAKE I’ve made in my faith walk is thinking the Gospel is stage one.

It isn’t stage one.

The Gospel


the TOTALITY of the Christian Life.

The Gospel is not just for the first day, but for every day.

The Gospel has a major role in re-training our conscience (see note 5).

Next, our conscience is re-trained by seeing

what God is like & what God likes.

A conscience guided by a set of biblical principles is a good thing. A conscience that is moved by the many facets of God’s character is even better (see Rom 15:5-9). What is good for the Christian conscience? – to let a sub-culture be its keeper? or to let the knowing of God in Christ

e x p l o d e

all thru it, everywhere and in everything?”


One thought on “what is your biggest ‘faith walk’ mistake?

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