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who is the ‘weak’ brother? not



the ‘weak brother’ is…

–         incoming freshman

–         singles in a church who want to push the envelope

–         families in a church who just don’t get conservatism

–         kids in church who tend to put everything in two categories, black and white (or right and wrong)

–         the guy or gal who may try _________ (insert some Matter of Conscience) when I clearly know it is wrong. I see him as ‘weak’ because he can’t resist saying “No!” to _________ (insert same as above), but I can. Therefore, he is weak.

–         A Christian who leaves an authenic conservative church or org to join another church or group which actually enjoys doing things ‘weak brothers’ do. You know the ole problem – “Birds of a feather…”

–         People in a church, org or group who may have their guard down and end up talking to, texting or friending one of the above. This would be a classic case of ‘the blind leading the blind” only we might call this ‘the weaker strengthening the weaker.”


stay tuned: an answer that may surprise you


2 thoughts on “who is the ‘weak’ brother? not

  1. You’re so mean! Teasing everyone with a cliffhanger ending!
    I am curious to see how you will handle one of (IMHO) the most misunderstood teachings of the Scriptures in the modern church today.

  2. Brandon,
    yeah, but I’m not alone in my cliffhangerness.
    you and me bro – we be certified students of the International Cliffhanger Institute.

    yes, more to come on my suggested answer (and exegetically sound, may I add)

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