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what church / culture model do you prefer?


I’ve been thinking for some time how the church should relate to the culture around it (ha, you might’ve guessed that if you’ve read recent posts). Some churches take a defensive stance against culture. Some welcome the culture with open arms.

I “put on paper” these three models – over simplified to be sure – so as to work out possible conceptions of the church / culture relationship. Which do you prefer? or have you come to see this church / culture relationship in another way?


One thing I’m sure about is that those churches which see themselves as fighting against the culture have forgotten they are a culture.


What church / culture relationship is best for the advance of the Gospel?


2 thoughts on “what church / culture model do you prefer?

  1. Interesting proposition. The first model is your classic “separated” church. The last would be, I believe, what most evangelicals would say that they support. The second is even more interesting and would require a little explanation. For example, a church in SC would look different than one in CA or NY or South Africa or Scotland or PNG, yet each of those churches would have a drastically different look, atmosphere, style of worship, music–culture. The argument could be made that the reason is because of the cultures in which they exists. Looks like a fun discussion–have at it.

  2. good thots Mark – I’ll have to ponder that

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