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which? – narrative or didactic Scripture?

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answer: I suggest both are essential.

I’ve come to enjoy both. I think  God gives us both so that

the didactic portions of  Scripture can control our interpretations of the narrative portions of Scripture


so that the narrative portions of Scripture can make vivid, even visceral, the principles of God’s Wisdom, the message in the Gospel and make vivid God’s personal involvement in the life of man.


Here’s a short story (very short – very) to illustrate how message (didactic) and story (narrative) nicely weave themselves together in our daily lives.

His friend said, “Watch out for that step.”

{this is the narrative tension before the the climax in the action}

Then, he tripped and his ice cream sundae fell to the floor.      

{this is the climax in the action of the story}

His friend gently said, “I should’ve helped you up that step.”  

{a lesson – usually verbalized after the climax}


The Book of Divine Revelation is not much different than the way life is on earth. Thankfully, God’s Word is not composed of esoteric philosophy or obscure religious tropes. It is Divine and it is a Story and it is a Message which bring us to God and changes our lives (if we let it).


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