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are there 3 Resurrections? …three?

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[an excerpt from a conversation overheard outside the Last Things Cafe]

waiter approaching table opposite mine

waiter: Sir, would like another sparkling water?

professor: Yes, thank you.

student: So, the reason I asked you to meet me is ’cause I have questions about the Resurrection.

professor: Good. Glad to hear you are thinking these things through. Do you have a primary question?

student: Yes I do. I was looking at the PreTrib chart you handed out at the last lecture and I am counting 3 resurrections and…

professor: [interupting] Three! There aren’t three resurrections on my chart. How do you get that?

student: Well, I see one at the Rapture.

professor: Yes, that’s right.

student: I see another one at the Return of Christ after the 7 years Trib and before the Millennium.

professor: Yes, ok.

student: Then the third resurrection is after the Millennium is done.

professor: Well, that is when the ungodly are resurrected.

student: I agree, but what I am referring to is that there are 3 resurrections for the righteous under the PreTrib plan.

professor: Ok, I’m listening. Where do you get that?

student: Aren’t there going to be people saved during the Millennium who die during the Millennium before it ends?

professor: Umm, yeah, I guess so. Never went that far with it.

student: So, do you believe in 3 resurrections for the righteous?

[Waiter returns. Laughter errupts from an adjacent table. Looks like a bunch of old folks carrying on. Hard to tell was being said next.]

student: …yeah, but there have to be 3 resurrections…   

…..under the Dispensational plan…

Don’t see how it could work out any…

[Professor’s cell phone rings. Waiter gives me my ticket.]


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