butter light

preparing for worship 7.3.11

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When the children of Israel were released from their bondage in Egypt they were given something they had NOT known before – freedom. Most of them were born into bondage. This is so like mankind as a whole. We are born in bondage to Self.

Messiah has come to see us free. Moses wrote a beautiful canticle on the glory of this freedom and the glory of the Redeemer who gave it to them.

The Song of Moses is not just an Ancient thing. We will sing it again when all the redeemed gather at the feet of the One who purchased our freedom with His own blood.

Sundays of gathered worship should be a preview of this eternal moment. This is why I look forward to taking my family to sing and worship tomorrow. It’s the high point of the week for us. Hope it is for you too.

Have a blessed day of worship and fellowship in “the liberty with which Christ has made us free.”


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