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preparing for worship 7.23.11

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I found George Washington’s Sacred Fire at a great low price – could not resist. This 900 plus page (over 1150 if we include the rich end notes) gives bold voice to Washington’s godly devotion – in his own words. Clearly he does not shrink away from open declarations of his worship to God.

To his frail army he gave serious concern for their spiritual welfare as in other matters which make a fit army. He said

‘Let vice and immorality of every kind be discouraged, as much as possible in your brigade; and as a chaplain is allowed to each regiment, see that the men regularly attend divine Worship’ (p.19).

‘…attend divine Worship’

I think of the word ‘attend’ in at least two ways.

– attend as in show up, appear, be there, do my time

– attend as in give close attention and give un-distracted watchfulness

As we go to worship on this coming Lord’s Day could Washington’s advice be for us more than showing up? Could it be to be there with God’s people and likewise give close attention to and watchful delight in the glories of Christ?


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