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stories aren’t just for kids, say?


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from the Rabbit Room Jonathan Rogers says, “If you want people to build a ship, don’t give them a ship-building manual. Give them a longing for the sea. They’ll figure out how to build that ship.”

Jonathan is talking about stories – “…our children know it’s the story that does the work on us, not the disembodied precept.”

Stories, narrative, tales, myths (real or not real), parables, histories, dramas are what pull us into the Truth. The abstract lines of a truth may sound deep and academically layered, but they rest on the surface till told within their story. By themselves diamonds may sparkle, but they truly look lovely when they are set and worn.

Furthermore, some truths can only make their way into the secret dens of my soul by a powerful indirectness which only story is capable to muster.

No wonder most of the Bible is narrative of some kind or other.

It gets under your skin not just on it.


2 thoughts on “stories aren’t just for kids, say?

  1. Indeed! I love to preach narrative of the Bible…there’s often times interesting nuggets from the Word when it comes to narrative passages! THanks!

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