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why is baptism an image of New Life?

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The imagery in Baptism pictures what?

First – You can’t baptize yourself. Salvation is a work of God, not of a church or of man. You can’t make yourself spiritually new. God does it. You can’t purchase a position into the Kingdom of God. You come in empty handed and you humbly lay yourself in His hands.

Second – Baptism re-dramatizes the Gospel by picturing New Life in Jesus. When we are baptized we are announcing that we have willingly joined ( gone into) the Way of Divine Forgiveness, that we want to live the life of forever forgiveness (see Mark 1). 

Dunking – I see a dead man coming up alive. Christ brings us from a spiritual grave into new life.


Pouring – I see a man standing under the waterfall of cleansing. To make completely clean is to make as new. Christ and His Gospel make new from the inside out.


Sprinkling – I see a thirsty soul alien from God, parched and weak, now revived by divine forgiveness. This once withered soul grows in New Life by being watered with the bottomless grace of the Messiah.

Maybe the Baptism of Jesus showed more than that He was receiving divine approval. Maybe it also showed us that Jesus brings New Life raining from above.


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