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the KoG – what is it?

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In our Sunday Bible class we are going thru the Gospel of Mark but haven’t gotten out of chapter 2 yet. As I said in an earlier post – I wasn’t expecting so much interest in discussing the Kingdom of God. So we are taking a little time to answer the basic question: “What is the Kingdom of God?”

This past Sunday I wrote suggestions from the class that we want to pursue in answering this question. Looks messy, but it’s full of good suggestions.

A couple of guys hung around after class and offered more good thots. They asked me if I was planning to erase the marker board. I said that I thot I would. Then they said I should keep it up for next week. (again more surprise that there is such an interest in the KoG topic).

I told them I was thinking of moving to a different aspect of Mark’s Gospel for next week. They said, “Oh no – you should keep going with this. There’s more to fill in here. We’ve just gotten started.”


I created a graphic of the above so we can work through each of these ideas in an organized way. I’ll try to update in future posts how we progress through each of these. What ideas would you add to this?


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