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Did you know Luther prayed for the KoG to come?

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In an earlier post I asked whether we should pray “Your Kingdom come…” or not?

If your hairdresser or your barber asked you this question what would you say – “yes” or “no” and how would you explain your answer? While you are sitting in the chair you’ll have plenty of time. You have a captive audience in your hairdresser or barber. So what would you say?

Martin Luther’s barber asked him how to pray in general.

So he wrote a book, ‘A Simple Way to Pray’

Maybe Luther might have answered the KoG question this way:

Say: "O dear Lord, God and Father, thou seest how worldly wisdom and reason not only profane thy
name and ascribe the honor due to thee to lies and to the devil, but how
they also take the power, might, wealth and glory which thou hast given
them on earth for ruling the world and thus serving thee, and use it in
their own ambition to oppose thy kingdom. They are many and mighty;
they plague and hinder the tiny flock of thy kingdom who are weak,
despised, and few. They will not tolerate thy flock on earth and think
that by plaguing them they render a great and godly service to thee. Dear
Lord, God and Father, convert them and defend us. Convert those who
are still to become children and members of thy kingdom so that they
with us and we with them may serve thee in thy kingdom in true faith
and unfeigned love and that from thy kingdom which has begun, we may
enter into thy eternal kingdom. Defend us against those who will not turn
away their might and power from the destruction of thy kingdom so that
when they are east down from their thrones and humbled, they will have
to cease from their efforts. Amen."

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