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to worship – divine frivolity?

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A friend who recently returned to Christ sent me a copy of an unpublished essay by Jonathan Edwards on the Trinity. He was quite elated about what he read. I see now what got him so excited.

I have enjoyed reading Edwards over the years, but was not aware of this piece. The whole essay is a sight to below (with the minds eye), yet it doesn’t take long to find out where this typically verbose Puritan is going.

In the very first sentence Edwards knocks you over with the utter sacredness of Divine Frivolity.

How could worship every be dull after knowing God in this way?

Haaa Haaaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa

*   *   *   *   *   *

“IT IS COMMON when speaking of the Divine happiness

to say that God is infinitely happy

in the enjoyment of


in perfectly beholding and

infinitely loving,

and rejoicing in,

His own essence



and accordingly it must be supposed that God

p e r p e t u a l l y

and                                     eternally

has a most perfect idea of Himself,

as it were an exact image and representation of Himself

ever before Him

and in actual view,

and from hence arises a most




act or energy in the Godhead,

which is the Divine love,


and joy.”

Jonathan Edwards, Essay on the Trinity


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