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grace the DIY way?


I heard a sermon recently (not at my church) teaching that Christians need to eventually move beyond the Gospel. I used to think that too. BUT, I’ve been taking a closer look at Jesus and His Gospel. I’m seeing that the Gospel is not just for the lost. It’s for Christians.

What happens when we move beyond the Gospel? We go back to being Do It Yourselfers – holy Do It Yourselfers (yish, the worst kind I might add).

So also did Pastor Tullian Tchividjian proclaim (and continues to do so):

“My hope is that we would never become a church that thinks about the Gospel of grace as simply being the ABCs of Christianity – that once God saves us He then moves us beyond the Gospel of grace into something bigger or deeper.

“There is nothing bigger. There is nothing deeper than the Gospel of grace. Once God saves He doesn’t then move us beyond God’s Gospel of grace. He moves us more deeply into God’s Gospel of grace. It is the one ever flowing fountain that your weary soul and mind need on a daily basis.

“There is nothing…more difficult for us to get our minds around than the grace of God…as one writer put it, ‘We are seasoned do it yourselfers.’”

you can listen to the rest of that sermon here

(number one in a series called ‘Pictures of Grace’)


2 thoughts on “grace the DIY way?

  1. 9 weeks in a row about the gospel in Sunday school. Tomorrow. Nothing is more important.

  2. betcha won’t be able to resist going longer 🙂

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