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what does a pre-Kingdom Eternal eschatology look like?


An optimistic view of the future (both near and distant) most certainly should keep a primary focus on the New Heavens & Earth – shouldn’t it?

Here is what a timeline leading up to our ultimate Home might look like:

(to see click on PDF below)

Amillennial chart 

“why is it called pre-Kingdom Eternal?”  {you ask}

…because in the NT the Doctrine of the 2nd Advent of Christ is the major event which inaugurates the eternal, perfect kingdom of the New Heavens & Earth. The Second Coming of Messiah is so glorious, so victorious, so powerful, that He does not arrive again to rule within fallen human history where sin, disease and death still reign. He comes again to conquer and restore all things once and done – full victory and full restoration leading into the New Heavens & Earth.

Amen! – may it be so.


2 thoughts on “what does a pre-Kingdom Eternal eschatology look like?

  1. I am still processing the Millennial views and have not made up my mind on this issue. However I have found 2 Samuel 19 interesting to think about in relation to the issue.

    In 2 Samuel 19 David has just won his war against Absalom and he stops at the Jordan river to collect his people. Then in the whole chapter a big deal is made about “who will bring the king back” – who will meet the king at the Jordan and then return with him to a semi-devastated Jerusalem. The over tenor of the passage is as thought this is a big event – this going back.

    So you get one set of people coming with David – his army – who are are already with him. And you also get another set of people who come out to meet with him at the Jordan and then return with him.

    It is almost rapture-like. Just before David returns is a world – Jerusalem – where there are still plenty of people who are loyal to him, and yet still there are plenty of disloyal people. In addition, the powers in charge of the social and governmental structures consists of Absalom & his ilk.

    Like so with Positive Amillennialism (or Postmillennialism Lite in Doug Wilson’s words). Jesus will return to a world devastated by evil and where the unholy trinity of Politics, Media and Academia will be ruling center-stage. Yet still the Gospel will be going forward and those loyal to him will be in good number.

    ~ Raj
    P.S. This is just speculation – I could be wrong. Take what I say with a Berean grain of salt.

  2. Raj,
    That is an interesting perspective to be sure. I’ve seen 2 Sam 19 explained that way.

    That main problem I see is that 2 Sam 19 is not mainly a passage dealing with eschatology.

    I tend to think Positive Amillennialism sees the world largely overcome by the Gospel yet still a fallen place when Jesus returns.

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