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a scouting report on Eschatology

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Eschatology can be confusing. So many ideas, so many variations, opinions, opinions. Some take a stance on their view of Eschatology as if they were staging the Battle of Gondor. No need to load your trebuchet. Let’s talk.

Click on the graphic below to see a bird’s eye view of the 3 major systems on Last Things:

– the Premillennial view

– the Amillennial view and

– the Postmillennial view.

Hope this basic graphic will fuel conversation rather than verbal boxing. All the views I have noted on are within the conservative main stream of Protestantism (expect the RCC view which is on the far right column). Can you think of questions that foster conversation rather than debate?  

Have a look.

note: I heard recently about another system that has entered the room – “Futuristic Premillennialism” it’s called. Can’t keep track of them all. This view is not on the chart, but if I understand it correctly you can put it somewhere between Classic Dispensationalism and Progressive Dispensationalism.

PDF of this graphic HERE if you like – free, free, free


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