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Repainting God – Jesus shows us God


Our singles Sunday Bible class has been going through the Gospel of Mark. I have waited to too long to go deeper into it – I mean study it without rushing through. It’s not over doing it to keep coming back to the 4 Gospels (…and since my name too is Mark I really wanted to). I needed to sit with this story open before me and soak in who Jesus is – again. He is at the center of our faith and thus time with Jesus adds life to our years.

In the group study we are about half way through Mark. We are finishing chapter 8 tomorrow. We began in chapter 1 Fall of 2011.

Isn’t it easy for us to forget beginning truths the farther we move beyond them to other information? Months later do we remember what we were searching for at the start? As we approach the middle of the Gospel of Mark I thot it good to go back to the beginning for a review to recall some of the key points we pinned down earlier.

– like the answer to the question, “What is the Gospel of Mark about?”

Of course, it’s about Jesus, but in particular what is Mark telling us that makes his pov unique from the other Gospel writers?

One thing we learned was the importance of not limiting any Gospel writer’s intent with a programmatic subtitle to each one.

I used to hear those subtitles said this way:

Matthew – Jesus the King

Mark – Jesus the Servant

Luke – Jesus the Man

John – Jesus the Son of God

We agreed that these are helpful, but also confining. Mark is not just showing Jesus as a Servant. We also see Him as


Son of God,

Son of Man,

our Priest,

our Prophet

and not least,

the King.

What if we come to each Gospel with this quite unsophisticated thot?

What does this account tell me about

who Jesus is?

Sound too open-ended?

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon? There are many angles and heights and depths from which to see it. It is even a very different experience be in the Grand Canyon at night in contrast with a day time visit. If someone who had never been there or even heard it before were to hear you talk about it, how would go about describing to them what you saw? Would you speak about it from only one angle or would you try to give them more and fill their mind with a well rounded description of its magnificence?

I have enjoyed more than once hearing Andrew Wilson of Kings Church in south England use a similar wide angle approach to the Gospel of Mark. He simply asks, “How does Jesus repaint God?” When coming in our midst Jesus has shown us many, many things about Himself. There is much to see and hear.

The Good News about Jesus does not begin at the Cross. It reaches an essential climax at Calvary, but the Good News begins long before. It is fun to walk this journey and find that using a very basic question leads us deeper in:

“Jesus, what does this tell me about who You are.

I want to know You. Show me.”

…because Jesus is the epicenter of the Everlasting Good News



click on pic for video or audio of Andrew Wilson’s sermon


3 thoughts on “Repainting God – Jesus shows us God

  1. I agree it’s better to see the wide-angle view of the Gospels. It’s helpful for people with less Bible knowledge too. Currently working through Mark as an evangelistic study with a couple, using this resource: http://www.thegoodbook.com/soul-dvd-ntsc-version.

  2. Hi Ben, I recently ordered that DVD set. Love it – Excellent presentation and very useful for sharing Christ. Thanks for the recommendation. It would be great to hear how you guys use it and how it has benefited “ya’all” “down unda” (did you notice that mix of Southern US and Aussie lingoisms?).

  3. Southern + Aussie, might be a winning combo! With Soul, I begin with an opening question then we watch the dvd session. Afterward we go through the discussion questions to reinforce the main point and make applications. It’s youth-oriented but works well enough for someone with basic English. Also used a couple of the dvd sessions as a supplement to Bible lessons for teens.

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