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church cross project: materials – why urethane?


File:Ash Tree - geograph.org.uk - 590710.jpgAs I mentioned in the last post, the new cross is going to be made of a synthetic material. This synthetic material is malleable. Thus, it can be easily sanded, carved, glued and shaped to resemble a variety of other substances. In this case, we are going for a rustic and rough wood look.

You may ask, “Why not just use wood? Ya’ know the stuff that grows in trees and can be found all over the place?”

Here are some great reasons to use the urethane board for the new church cross:

– it is lightweight, thus it will be easier to install and unlike a couple of massive solid wood beams the lesser weight minimizes safety concerns

– it can be made to look like wood and from even a short distance it is difficult to tell that it’s not wood

– it has a lower maintenance factor than wood, especially if it were to be installed in an exterior setting. Even, in an interior setting it’s good to know that the urethane board is not a friendly environment to termites, carpenter ants, and other bugs. It also will not absorb moisture nor be altered by swings of humidity.

– old, rustic and weather-worn lumber that is stable can be difficult to find. Often when real wood is desired for a project like this the production team will have to use newer lumber anyway and then go through the steps to make it look older.

-…which brings us back to why we are using the rigid urethane for this cross project. We can make it look just like wood. If I hadn’t told you this process before seeing the completed cross project I becha a “Caramel Macchiato extra espresso” that you would have assumed it was wood, really old wood. However, I’ll let you be the final judge when we come to end of this series of posts.

Here is an example of a sign I made several years ago from HDU board. It is still in good condition today.

Morganwood 018

If I hadn’t told you would you still think the sign panel is wood?

Here is a view of the whole sign.

Morganwood 001in the next post: stage 2 – authenticity?



2 thoughts on “church cross project: materials – why urethane?

  1. Interesting! Thank you for sharing tips about your craft.

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