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Will there be sacrifices in the Millennium?

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File:Lovis Corinth 006.jpgIn the Slaughter House by Lovis Corinth, 1893


Those who believe there will be blood sacrifices after the Cross of Christ (supposedly yet in the future) usually conclude this from their interpretation of the prophet Ezekiel (note: There may be other passages in OT used for this idea, but such conclusions still come in a round about way).
Ezekiel gives a very vivid explanation of a revived sacrificial, temple based worship although there is no explicit evidence that this will happen in our future. No mention of Jerusalem, the Millennium or a thousand years, the Second Coming or other explicit information in Ezekiel that would confirm a futurist interpretation.

Here is a basic sacrifice list (the ones that require killing an animal) compiled from Ezekiel chapters 40 thru 48.

It’s quite a bloody mess.


Dedication of the Altar

Burnt offerings (43.18)

Splattering blood (43:18)

Sin offering (43:19,21)

Blood on the altar (43:20)

Another sin offering (43:22)

Another burnt offering (43:24)

7 days of sacrificing a male goat (43:25)

7 days of sacrificing a bull

7 days of sacrificing a ram


Continued sacrifices thereafter (43:27)

Result: “I will accept you,” declares the Lord God. (43:27)

Levites punished by having to slaughter the burnt offerings (44:11)

Priest of Zadok favored to serve the Lord by presenting animal fat & blood (44:15)

Zadokites will eat the grain offering (44:29)

…the sin offering

…and the guilt offering


Sacrifice of 1 sheep from every 200 sheep to make atonement (45:15)

And Grain offering, Burnt offering and Peace offering

“All the people of land” will be obliged to give this offering

thus, the total sheep offered will depend on how many people are in the land.*

* 2011 population of Israel was estimated at around 7,765,700

If we suppose that conservatively 50% of that number will populate Israel in the Millennium, then this could be…

3,882,850 killings per year for 1,ooo years.

That would be 3 billion, 882 million, 850 thousand bloody sacrifices in the Millennium for this requirement alone.

+ 3,882,850,000

bloody animal sacrifices

almost 4 BILLION more bloody sacrifices in the name of religion.

can this be?


Prince’s offerings – burnt offerings, grain offerings and drink offerings (45:17)

At every feast

At every new moon

At every Sabbath

At all the appointed feast of the house ofIsraelhe will provide

Sin offerings

Grain offerings

Burnt offerings

Peace offerings to make atonement forIsrael


The Passover – bull offerings and sin offerings (45:21)

Spread blood on the door posts of theTemple, altar & gate

Prince’s offering of 1 young bull as a sin offering (45:22-24)

7 days he provides burnt offerings – 7 bulls + 7 rams x 7 days = 98 killings

Provide grain offerings for each bull, each ram and oil for each

Total for this bloody sacrifice in the Millennium = 99,000

+ ninety nine THOUSAND more


In the 7th month the Prince is to repeat the above for 7 more days (45:25)

99 more killings

Same round of sin offerings, burnt offerings, grain offerings and oil

Total for this bloody sacrifice in the Millennium = 99,000

+ ninety nine THOUSAND more


On Sabbath days and on new moons

priests will offer burnt offerings, peace offerings at the gate (46:2-8)

Burnt offering on Sabbaths of 6 lambs + 1 ram

7 killings per Sabbath would equal 364 killings per year

+ 364,000 blood sacrifices

(plus Grain offerings and oil offerings for each)


At new moons offer 1 bull + 6 lambs + 1 ram = 8 more killings

plus grain offerings and oil offerings for each

on feast days (46:11)

kill a bull, a ram and a lamb plus grain offerings for each with oil

Prince’s freewill offering of either a burnt offering or peace offering

Daily burnt offering

Provide a 1 year old lamb every morning = 365,000 more killings (46:13)

add 365,000 more

Plus grain offering and oil with it

Designated places (kitchens) to boil the guilt offerings (46:20)

And sin offerings

And to bake the grain offerings


The above list is only a rough estimate, but my, oh, my…

I’m not even gonna try adding it up to a grand total.

What a carnage it would be if it were true!

I am grateful that the Cross of Christ is all we need to be reminded of the beauty and full sufficient of our redemption. No more blood sacrifices are needed to remind us that Jesus Paid It All.

For me the question of this post is answered forever on the Cross as the Convict from Nazareth was dying the Death of Death. He cried out,

“It is finished” ?





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