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“It was a pleasure to serve you another deep fried and breaded faith-based meal…”

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an English band scheduled to headline the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony

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Speaking of ‘blur’ might it be possible to blur what the Gospel is meant to do with what we hope/want/crave politics to do? Aren’t Christians just as prone to get caught up in the latest evangelical Zeitgesit as much as people standing in long, long lines for…let’s say…. a Batman movie …or an iPad …or Sheryl Crow tickets? I mean really looooong lines…lines curving around the block.

Mr. Seel said it like this:

* * *

A politicized faith not only blurs our priorities, but weakens our loyalties. Our primary citizenship is not on earth but in heaven. … Though few evangelicals would deny this truth in theory, the language of our spiritual citizenship frequently gets wrapped in the red, white and blue. Rather than acting as resident aliens of a heavenly kingdom, too often we sound [and act] like resident apologists for a Christian America. … Unless we reject the false reliance on the illusion of Christian America, evangelicalism will continue to distort the gospel and thwart a genuine biblical identity…..

American evangelicalism is now covered by layers and layers of historically shaped attitudes that obscure our original biblical core.

(John Seel, The Evangelical Pulpit, 1993, 106-7)

* * *

Or we might savor this cultural moment this way –

A chickenized faith not only blurs our priorities, but it also weakens our loyalty to Jesus.


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cultural bullseye: why is marriage passe?

Joe Carter hits a bullseye:

excerpt from his ‘How to Destroy a Culture in 5 Easy Steps’

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Step #3: From Acceptable to Sensible — There is nothing more sensible than to submit to one’s god. And while Americans may profess to worship Allah, Jehovah, or Jesus, we mostly worship an American Idol—ourselves. That is why social libertarianism has become our country’s fastest-growing cult. It has tapped into this self-idolatry by preaching a gospel of the Individual. It’s a pragmatic and accepting message. You were, as its chief evangelist Lady Gaga says, “born this way”: “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M / Just put your paws up /’Cause you were born this way, baby.”
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what church / culture model do you prefer?

I’ve been thinking for some time how the church should relate to the culture around it (ha, you might’ve guessed that if you’ve read recent posts). Some churches take a defensive stance against culture. Some welcome the culture with open arms.

I “put on paper” these three models – over simplified to be sure – so as to work out possible conceptions of the church / culture relationship. Which do you prefer? or have you come to see this church / culture relationship in another way?


One thing I’m sure about is that those churches which see themselves as fighting against the culture have forgotten they are a culture.


What church / culture relationship is best for the advance of the Gospel?


will the world end 5-21-11?

For some reason this blog keeps getting mucho hits on that question. It must be on people’s mind. But May 21st of 2011 is not the only date suggested for the end of the world. Sometime this Fall is in the queue and then there’s that musty Mayan prediction – December 21, 2012. Did you see the movie about it? Which end date should we work toward? 

Such speculation makes for lively conversation, BUT are we asking the right question?

Maybe the better question to ask is not when the world will end, but…


update (5:59am May 21st, 2011): I’m still here.

update: cleaning up after “Rapture” fail

update: no wonder I missed the Rapture – it was supposed to happen on the West coast and here I sit on the East