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Have you interviewed God? read His Résumé?


from a sermon last Sunday: Ecclesiastes 12:13 “…for this is the whole of man”

The whole truth about our existence drops down like rain from large clouds. You may have never seen droplets of water march out the door of the cloud, but we’ve all felt the rain below. The truths we believe are not some localized or era specific notions about Christianity. What we believe is anchored in ancient history. Our Faith drops down from mighty ageless thunder heads. Our Faith has unfolded as one continuous divine effort from the beginning of time. Can you see how God’s interest in Redemption is not sporadic?

God keeps pushing His Redemptive intentions deeper and farther into the human experience – past the Garden, past Sinai, past Babylon, past Golgotha, past Antioch, past Constantinople, past Canterbury, past Boston and still going.

Though the Scriptural canon is closed I have no doubt that as I breath God is still pushing His Redemptive intentions deeper and farther into the life of man and men.

This then means that the things I should do, the ways I should see the now, how I should anticipate the future – as a Christian – are simply positive responses to God’s continuous workings in Redemption History. Life is that simple (somehow we’ve made it more complex).

Living the Christian life is simply a positive response to who God is, what He does and what He likes. In other words, when I see God’s curriculum vitae – God’s resume – the basic record of His divine career as Redeemer (which He does for His glory)


then I act, shift, go, do, move, ponder or whatever in response to that, then I am fully human. I am a whole man.


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why do we wander?

Why do we wander (go in circles) when we are blindfolded? Why can’t we walk or drive a straight line when we don’t have a reference point?
A recent video by NPR looks back at several studies that have been done on this very question.
Is the soul also inclined to wander when it does not let its Creator be its ultimate reference point?

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how can I have a great life? pt 1

In our Trinity Career Group Sunday Bible class we talked last week about a couple of key ideas to have in mind as we get into the Book of Ecclesiastes.

I have suggested that we need to…


how can a text in Scripture become MEANINGFUL to me?


what are the basics for studying a BOOK of the Bible?



Thots on the first question, “how can a text of Scripture become meaningful to me?”

I mentioned a few weeks ago how I went through a period (a couple of years) when I would open my Bible to read and it felt like I was staring at a stone.  The warmth that I had sensed previously wasn’t there.  What was wrong?


“I am a Christian.  This isn’t supposed to happen to someone who is a child of God.  Am I actually lost?”


The fact that I was having this struggle was a double burden for me since I knew I was a Christian AND I had gone to grad school to learn Scripture.  They taught us the basic skills for interpreting a text of Scripture.  I was teaching Sunday School nearly every week so I had a worthy purpose to be digging into God’s Word.  But, for some reason the Bible didn’t feel real – not as real as I wanted it to be or not as real I had felt it was to others.


So, I prayed to the Author about this problem.  He answered my prayer in a simple way.  I figured the answer to my problem would be something unusual that I hadn’t noticed or something almost “divinely magical.”  Instead, the answer was something simple – just plain simple – lovely, splendid, awesome, but magically simple.


The rest of the story next time