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if the world ends on 5.21.11 do you know enough about the next one?

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The world may not end on May 21st in the year 2011.  But then again, this wouldn’t eliminate the reality of the next world.

You do know that don’t you?

I can’t help but see a dialogical tendon between physicist Stephen Hawking’s recent comments about the silliness of Heaven AND Harold Camping’s silly prediction that the world will end on 5 twenty one and 2 thousand eleven. (In fact, I kind of agree with part of what Hawking says, but for different reasons than you or he might think AND I kinda wish Camping was right except there’s a nice wedding this Saturday Kristi and I are looking forward to. Can the end wait till after our friends Steph and Keith get married? please).

I love how N. T. Wright works through this ‘next world’ reality. He says,

“Hawking is working with a very low-grade and sub-biblical view of ‘going to heaven.’ Of course, if faced with the fully Christian two-stage view of what happens after death — first, a time ‘with Christ’ in ‘heaven’ or ‘paradise,’and then, when God renews the whole creation, bodily resurrection — he would no doubt dismiss that as incredible. But I wonder if he has ever even stopped to look properly, with his high-octane intellect, at the evidence for Jesus and the resurrection? I doubt it — most people in England haven’t. Until he has, his opinion about all this is worth about the same as mine on nuclear physics, i.e. not much.”

want more of that?

Hawking could be wrong about Heaven don’t you think? After all,  he reversed his long held scientific conclusions about Black Holes (after 30 years). If he’s not sure about Black Holes, how can he be sure of his opinion on Heaven? So maybe you should learn a little more about the next world whether this one ends on Saturday or not.


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German troops march through occupied Paris

Nazi Army occuping France where Bauman deserted

A few deserted Hitler as a matter of conscience and were convicted of treason.  Now 60 years later these “traitors” are being vindicated.  This BBC article gives the details with some pics and audio.

an excerpt:

Mr Baumann says the men who were described as “wartime traitors” were not traitors at all.

“They behaved humanely. Some hid Jews, others helped prisoners – they followed their moral conscience,” he said.

It is a view backed by experts. “These men were not traitors, they were part of the German resistance movement against Hitler,” said Johannes Tuchel, the Director of the German Resistance Memorial Centre in Berlin.

“This is a great day for Germany – finally the last sentences handed down by Nazi courts will be lifted,” he said.

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the wonder of rain or how raindrops have kids

The lead author of a recent study on how raindrops form is named Emmanuel Villermaux.  Emmanuel – that means “God with us.”  Even the little raindrop can remind us that God’s all-wise care and provision is with us.

God said through the prophet Isaiah that “as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return there without watering the earth and making it bear and sprout and furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater so shall My Word [God’s purposes] be which goes forth from My mouth – it shall not return to Me empty without accomplishing what I desire and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:9-11 nasb)

Here is an article and a video that shows how raindrops have kids.  It is a little part of how God makes the cycle of rain to do its thing.

Why raindrops come in many sizes

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