butter light

“I Would Precede Thee”

I Would Precede Thee

{Gospel of Mark chapter 1}


hovering on a desert plain               

a blustery voice exhales.                  

not enraged, he can’t contain          

his zeal for pardon free,         

herald of grace, John cries out.       


from off the holy mountain

from out dry towns they come

to hear this rugged fountain.

‘Sink me deep in gross release!’

they beg. he does. one by one.


he thunders Messiah’s rain,

moves Elijah’s shadow,

artless, yet true will remain

like David’s Jonathan,

Crusoe’s Friday, Frodo’s Sam.


as he so will I maintain?

how shall I make ready

a king’s welcome, drive a wain

for Thee to enter here?

like John I would precede Thee?


in the sour, loveless pain

  in the sour, loveless pain

through the Christless hollow

  through the Christless hollow

on the inky righteous stain

  on the inky righteous stain.

‘forgiven fully!’ cry.  

    in these you will precede Me.


 © 2013 Mark Olivero .  all rights reserved.


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