butter light

“In Service of My King”

In Service of My King

to those who serve Christ unreservedly, Jeremiah 45:5



From rising of the sun to end of day

the fullest life is filled no other way,

than by each thought or deed or thing,

that lives to serve the LORD, our King.


I go alone in service of my King,

   to make the Gospel anthem ring,

   in distant valley near a river wide,

   where hearts of men in darkness hide.

Then for His noble cause the stare of death

   has pierced my eye and caught my breath.

   Still standing high, as if on eagle’s wing,

   I’m pressing onward for my King.


To plod this path in service of my King

   is not a hard or treach’rous thing.

   These wounds I bear are but a badge for right,

   a yoke of ease, a burden light.

Through every dread He makes my life a prize.

   While boasting men do higher rise,

   none can excel the faithful hand that sings,

   “I’ll serve with joy my Kings of Kings.”


Though some may chide my service to the King,

   that to the wind my life I fling,

   I see one chance within this time, this place,

   to be a vessel of His grace.

Yea, not for name or crown my labor is,

   but in my works to brighten His;

   and in each step and turn a pleasure bring

   to Christ who is my God, my King.


When in the day I see Him face to face

   He’ll say, “This vessel of My grace

   for Me has emptied all.”  Then in His eye,

   I’ll see and know the reason why

my back was bent while crossing field and hill.

   For seeds I’ve sown do flourish still,

   and steps and turns do lasting worship bring

   while done in service of my King.


Be soon or late, we all shall truly say,

“The fullest life is filled no other way

than by each thought or deed or thing

that lauds to serve the LORD, our King.”



                                by Mark Olivero


Copyright 2005. Mark Olivero. All rights reserved. may not be copied without written permission.


This poem was written at the time of life-threatening events in the lives of missionaries, Terry and Rachel Ritschard, serving in Papau New Guinea.  Their vehicle fell over a cliff while they were in it.  Their lives were spared, but not without a long recovery and much pain.

Anne Dreisbach, a missionary serving in Suriname, became infected with a life threatening illness, but was brought back to good health after a long ordeal.


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