butter light

“A Lamb is Come”

A Lamb is Come

by Mark Olivero


In barren land, through dead of night, 

A wayward lamb, the Shepherd calls,  

From earthly joys that take their flight, 

While in a trap of thorns it falls.        

“Himself he cannot save; the cost    

of sin too great! Forever lost?”   

   Is not there one to set me free?

   A lamb to come, a lamb for me?

              Luke 15


Hear then a message, true and sweet,

begin with Holy Infant’s cry.

His face, where earth and heaven meet

declares that he is come to die.

“This tree I made becomes my cross. 

Its righteous work blots out your loss.”                 

   Oh, Blessed Pardon, can this be,     

   A lamb is come, a lamb for me?

              Isaiah 53


Through lonely valleys, dark and deep,      

a peace of mind, that priceless prize,                  

Jehovah makes and gives His sheep,

to calm all fears that will arise.

“Beside these living waters, still,      

your cup with joy I over fill.”

   My greatest need is that of Thee,

   The Lamb of God, a lamb for me.

              Psalm 23


Now time is gone where stands a lamb

before a host and on the throne.

Yet, who can take the book? “I AM”         

the elders sing, “Redemption done

by Jesus Christ, Eternal King,

The Lion strong to Whom we sing.”

   My highest thought of praise is He,       

  This Lamb who comes, a lamb for me.

              Revelation 5




for Greg and Nancy Mazak

on the 20th year of service to Trinity Bible Church, Greer, SC

Copyright 2006. Mark Olivero. All rights reserved. may not be copied without written permission.


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