butter light

“Opened Eyes”

Opened Eyes


“Thou God seest me.”

Genesis 16:13




Our clouded eyes perceive the dark

which lies ahead.  We sense the fear

of what we know we cannot see,

and feel the doubt that leaves its mark.

Does no one see?  Does no one hear

our cries that question what will be?


Then comes a light to chase the dark

with waves of joy, till gone is fear.

For faith with opened eyes can see

that Providence has made its mark;

that God has seen; that God does hear.

So look to Him for what will be.



by Mark Olivero

Copyright 2007. Mark Olivero. All rights reserved. may not be copied without written permission.

Written while waiting at the eye doctor’s office, July 3, 2007.

Walking into uncertain territory can be a fearful thing.  The

doctor seems unprepared or at the least perplexed about the

deteriorating situation with these eyes.  This does little to comfort

me.  I have only the good grace of my God and that is enough.


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