butter light

“Wealth of Heaven”

W e a l t h   o f   H e a v e n

(can be sung to Old Hundredth or Tallis’ Canon)

The Wealth of Heav’n sees every need.

Jehovah from His best doth lend

The rain, the sun upon the seed,

and strength and joy unto the end.


A Greater Wealth to earth has come

In One whose life, his all, did give

To pay redemption’s awful sum;

What grace is this that we might live!


“From whose abundance comes this gain?

What blessed honor shall we raise?”

This saving grace, it doth remain

In Jesus Christ. His Name give praise!


My soul I kneel.  My heart I bow

Before The King that we adore.

To him all worship I avow;

His death is life forever more.


Praise, praise and glory, ever be

To Father, Son and Heav’nly Dove,

The Wealth of Heav’n in Christ we see,

This One who bought us with God’s love.



“Wealth of Heaven” by Mark Olivero

Copyright 2007. Mark Olivero. All rights reserved.


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