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who is the ‘weak’ brother? not


the ‘weak brother’ is…

–         incoming freshman

–         singles in a church who want to push the envelope

–         families in a church who just don’t get conservatism

–         kids in church who tend to put everything in two categories, black and white (or right and wrong)

–         the guy or gal who may try _________ (insert some Matter of Conscience) when I clearly know it is wrong. I see him as ‘weak’ because he can’t resist saying “No!” to _________ (insert same as above), but I can. Therefore, he is weak.

–         A Christian who leaves an authenic conservative church or org to join another church or group which actually enjoys doing things ‘weak brothers’ do. You know the ole problem – “Birds of a feather…”

–         People in a church, org or group who may have their guard down and end up talking to, texting or friending one of the above. This would be a classic case of ‘the blind leading the blind” only we might call this ‘the weaker strengthening the weaker.”


stay tuned: an answer that may surprise you