butter light


What is butter light?

Could it be…

a non-guilty food pleasure

a popcorn with fake fat

one of hundreds (maybe thousands) of Buddhist lamps burning yak oil

a phrased used by photographers for a certain glow in a photo well done

2 words used by the prophet Job to describe the blessings of God on himself (and on the world)

“…His lamp shone upon my head,
and by his light I walked through darkness
“…my steps were washed with butter,
and the rock poured out for me streams of oil!”

Job 29:1-6, esv




Can you find the light in this cathedral*?

Is it coming from the chandeliers?  Does it come from the windows that invite sunbeams to wash the ancient stone walls?  Is it in the flashes of the tourist taking pictures?  Is it in the colors pushing through the stained glass?  Will it come in the music sung from the choir or congregation?  Can it be heard in the echo of eloquent words spoken across the centuries from the high pulpit?

Do you see a Bible in the center front of the chancel?

There is the source of Light.

Your Word is a Lamp to my feet and a Light to my path” King David wrote (Psalm 119:105).  And this written Light speaks of a greater Eternal Light – The Triune God who is most visible in the Person of Christ.  He is “the True Light which enlightens everyone” and Who has entered into the world” that we might have Light – that we might have the Light of the Gospel, the Light of Truth, the Light of being restored to YHVH God, the Light of Joy in seeing the real purpose for living.

*the above pic is of St. Pierre (St. Peter) Cathedral in Geneva, Switzerland once the pulpit home of John Calvin.

and for more info about St. Pierre or more pics



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