butter light



Carol Custer (my former Pastor’s wife) used to say, “It isn’t about me.”  In the us page there’s a little info so we can get acquainted with each other, but ultimately “it isn’t about us” is it?  The title to this blog, Butter Light, speaks to that fact. Job saw this. He said…

“…His lamp shone upon my head,
and by his light I walked through darkness
“…my steps were washed with butter,
and the rock poured out for me streams of oil!”

Job 29:1-6, esv

The wonders in this world shine all around the beauty of the God who makes them. And the wonders of His Word shine inward the beauty of the God who speaks through that Word. We cannot claim any wonders or beauties as our very own, but we can speak our own feeble words of amazement about what we see and hear.

Yet, butter light as it comes from the mouth of suffering Job is also a way of speaking about God’s grace. Even though Job is complaining he still acknowledges from whom these graces come and that grace exists because God exists.



The PURPOSE of this blog is to ask questions and work through their answers so that

we may perceive God’s grace

in its varied facets and reflections.

Even if you have a different POV I am interested to know what questions you have or what answers you have acquired.  I am eager to see how you and others can brighten the shadows in my ways of thinking.  Give me a shout at oliveberries AT bellsouth DOT net.