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My name is MarkOlivero. My wife and I lead the Career Group Sunday School class at Trinity Bible Church in Greer, South Carolina

We are learning the joys of following Jesus and seek, though we struggle, to have our lives mastered by Him.

– we hope you’ll take some time listen to our pastor’s sermons so you too can see the beauty of letting the mind and heart be filled with the grand storyline of the Bible – ‘the Unfolding Gospel’ – which is the Good News how God restores us to Himself (or how Christ makes us fully human).

File:Cotopaxi volcano 2008-06-27T1322.jpg– I grew up in Ecuador, South America.  My parents were medical missionaries there.  Dad was a doctor, Mom a nurse. In Ecuador we lived outside a small village that had been wiped out by a volcano two or three times before we moved there.

– I am blessed with my wonderful wife and two energetic children

– I enjoy talkin’ theology, collecting old books, finely roasted coffee, mountain top views and helping others.

– my friends and I would love to share with you how we have come to know God and have a renewed relationship with Him through the power of His Gospel.

– so there are a few details, but I’m more interested in getting to know you and to hear what you are thinking.  Let’s talk.

oliveberries AT bellsouth DOT net

more about the purpose of this blog


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